Costs & Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning machine

Budgets are always tight so often times homeowners must choose which home repairs and projects to complete in a year. It can be hard to know where it is best to invest money into your home each year as you want to ensure you get the most dollar out of your money.

The goal is to prevent major repairs and emergencies by completing minor home repairs and projects each year. One such project is carpet cleaning. You might feel the cost of carpet cleaning is too much for tbe benefits but when you consider the cost of new carpet, you might not feel that way.

You see, to install new carpet in a home can cost as much as $10,000 or more. You want to invest in quality carpet when it comes time to purchase it and therefore you should take care of it too.

If you do not schedule routine carpet cleaning each year it will lead to dirt building up under the surface of the carpet. Then what happens is that dirt gets ground into the fibers of the carpet over and over again as people in your home walk on the carpet.

If the dirt isn’t removed with powerful extraction equipment it will wear down the resiliency of the carpet very fast and a durable carpet meant to last 10 years or more will only last 5 years or less instead.

If you bought a carpet with the intention it would look good and last for 10 years or more, you don’t want to replace it every 5 years. That could lead to an additional $10,000 expense every 5 years instead of every 10 years.

The better idea is to schedule services from a carpet cleaning company in Chicago. The cost of professional carpet cleaning usually ranges from $100-200 per appointment and the service should be done each year.

If you do schedule carpet cleaning the total cost every 10 years for caring for and installing new carpet will be around $11,000 instead of $20,000 or $9,000 in savings. For $9,000 you can buy a brand new roof or remodel an entire kitchen or bathroom.

You see how investing in minor projects and repairs in the short-term will ultimately payoff for homeowners in the long run with something as simple as professional carpet cleaning being a great example.