What Causes a Cockroach Infestation in a Home?


Cockroaches can proliferate in matter of weeks if you are not taking good care of your home. These are extremely resilient pests and don’t come alone!

They bring lot of diseases and allergic reactions along with them.

There are lot of factors which invite them and if you are seeing them entering your home but are not sure as to where are you going wrong then below are few reasons! Read them and find out which one are you promoting!

If you are giving them access to unlimited food & water sources:

Insects look for a place where they can find plenty of food and water. So if you are not keeping your food items sealed and appropriately covered then this is equivalent to sending invitation to them for invasion. If you are leaving your food items open on counter then that acts like a food source for them. Leaky faucets around your home provide a continuous supply of water and thus cockroaches can invade easily. If you are keeping your utensils into the drawers without drying them properly then that also draws cockroaches.

If you are giving them dirty environment to grow:

Trash bins generally contain some of the food items which if are not disposed on daily basis can attract cockroaches. The dirt and grime gives birth to cockroaches and thus even after you dispose of your trash can, the leftover food grime draws cockroaches. Not emptying or trashcans or not wiping them off with disinfectants or rinsing them in running water can cause cockroach infestation at home.

If you are giving them space to hide:

Cockroaches invade at a place where they can find food, water and shelter without too much hard work as they don’t believe in working hard! Food and water as we discussed in the first point is complemented with shelter availability if you have cluttered your home. Piles of books, newspapers, jam packed shelves or clothes piled up on floor or laundry basket without any disturbance act as perfect hiding spot. Hence it is necessary to keep your home clutter free. Piles of books and newspapers are unavoidable at times but you should not keep them sedentary and untouched so that cockroaches can’t rest at such places.

If you are giving them a way to enter your home:

If you are a greenery lover but your house or main pathway leading to the doors of your house are attacked by weeds then it attracts cockroaches. So if you are not keeping your garden free from dirt then it sends an open invitation to roaches. Vegetation mulch is dirty and thus leads to entrance of cockroaches directly into your home.

If your neighbors are not keeping their home clean:

This is certainly unfortunate but if your neighbors are not keeping clean and have roaches at their home and you share a wall with them then you’re exposed to risk of infestation! Roaches are very intelligent in finding the gaps to invade the houses and thus they can infest your home in no time!